Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dublin's Best Kept Secret - Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge

Shared secrets tend to be whispered but Dublin has a well-kept secret that needs to be shouted. Located only two minutes from Dublin’s St Stephens Green on Stephen Street Lower is the bubbly café, Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge.

I don't know about you but good coffee has become a daily requirement for my ability to function and immerse within the rest of civilisation. I’m always on the lookout for somewhere that will spark the creative juices and Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge fits such a requirement. 

A glass façade offers plenty of natural light and leather couches and bookshelves create a comfortable setting but the real secret is hidden from view. At the back of the room is a staircase leading underground. A few steps down and a peek around the staircase’s corner will reveal to you the Accents Lounge. From your perch, you can survey your chances of acquiring a seat which includes an assortment of bean bags, director chairs and leather couches. There’s plenty of space within the underground nook, however it is recommended you check first before you place an order.

I appreciate the thumbs up, good sir! - Accents Lounge
Not only is Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge an ideal venue to nurse a coffee or tea while mulling with shared minds the meaning of life and other such coffee related topics, but part of the décor includes signs encouraging those tired of stuffy office meetings to take their discussions to the Accents Lounge. There are plenty of spots that would be ideal for such a meeting but I would recommend you book such an area in advance…unless you don’t mind shouting from one side of the lounge to the other.

Appropriately named Accents, the buzzing café attracts visitors from across the globe. There’s a fitted map covering a wall littered with pins planted by globetrotters so any explorers of Ireland, ask for a pin and remember to make your mark.

Make your mark
Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge contains a ‘real’ element and a European essence and is a throwback to London’s café scene (which I so dreadfully miss) for me. The coffee is smooth, the service is friendly and the venue is quirky and relaxed and it is a highly recommended visit for any fellow caffeine addicts.

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